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          新闻 Students celebrate passion for fashion in online exhibition

          365体育官网’s first cohort of 时尚 students are showcasing their work in an online exhibition.

          80's chintz interior meets high-end fashion in 艾米莉的最后一年的项目
          Image: 80's chintz interior meets high-end fashion in 艾米莉的最后一年的项目

          Being part of the first cohort to graduate from 时尚 is very rewarding and special, it is even more fulfilling as we have had to complete this year during a global pandemic.


          Work from the final year students is featured online in 365体育官网’s gradex20展。该 (荣誉)方式 degree launched in 2017 and was developed by Rachel Heeley who has extensive industry experience.

          She said: “For many years I had a vision for a course, and I have embedded my own experience into its design。该 modules that we’ve developed sets up graduates really well for the working in the industry.

          “The course equips students to work in any area of fashion. Students are introduced to the fundamentals and then can choose to specialise, so they come out with a portfolio unique to them and their interests.”

          The degree covers a range of skills including CAD, pattern cutting, construction, illustration and photography. Sustainability, ethics and diversity are explored in-depth and students have worked on live projects with sustainable fashion brands The Maverick Store and Phanatiq.

          学生也有机会获得独一无二的 贝蒂史密瑟斯集合 and have received visits from industry experts including Simon Whitehouse, former CEO of fashion label J.W.Anderson, and fashion illustrator Jessica Bird.

          This industry focus is what attracted Emily Hargreaves, 21 form Smallthorne, to 365体育官网.

          Students are encouraged to complete work experience and Emily did an internship with British fashion designer Nabil Nayal which involved preparing for London fashion week and Goodwood Races.

          “Not only does experience help with your professional development it also helps with personal development as it teaches you a lot about yourself in such a high standard and fast-paced industry,” she explained.

          “This helped me immensely as it allowed me to understand the high-end client and the garment standard for this particular sector. It also helped with my confidence - completing this internship has proven to myself that I am very capable at challenging tasks which is why my final collection was my best one yet.”

          80's chintz interior meets high-end fashion in 艾米莉的最后一年的项目 which was inspired by old family photographs.

          She said: “I was delighted when I found out that GradEX was still going ahead as it allows you to network and show off work that you have worked exceptionally hard for. Being part of the first cohort to graduate from 时尚 is very rewarding and special, it is even more fulfilling as we have had to complete this year during a global pandemic.”

          Join 365体育官网 through Clearing this September and realise your own potential in an ever-changing world. Discover more at //www.nikedunkslow2011.com/clearing or call our Clearing hotline on 0800 590 830.


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