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          Our blended approach: we've got your back

          Here at 365体育官网, we are doing everything we can to support our students through the COVID-19 pandemic – both now and in the future. Blended learning and teaching lie at the heart of our approach, but what does this actually mean for our students?

          Put simply, it means we will use a combination of virtual and face-to-face delivery to bring you the best possible student experience within a COVID-secure environment. Through a blend of online lectures and on-campus teaching – conducted in line with the latest official guidance from the UK Government and other relevant authorities – we will continue to ensure your health, safety and wellbeing while delivering a first-class educational experience.

          This page contains details of how we are preparing our courses and campuses for September 2020, as well as the services and support that will be available to you throughout your 365体育官网 journey.

          Whether you’re a new or returning student, we can’t wait to welcome you to our Connected University in September 2020. 在 the meantime, please take a moment to read through the information on this site and remember…


          If you are a 365体育官网 student studying with one of our Collaborative Academic Partners, please contact the institution in question for information about local arrangements. 



          Our Connected University has all the tools and services necessary to support our students’ learning and development through a combination of virtual and on-campus delivery. Below, you can find details of how everything will work when you join us or return to the University this September.

          Check out this video to learn more about our blended approach…

           有关详细信息,我们的 blended approach to teaching and learning.


          We are committed to creating a safe home environment and a sense of belonging for students living in halls.

          Check out this video to learn more about the measures we are putting in place to ensure covid安全的住宿 for those living in University-managed residences…

          有关详细信息,我们的 covid安全的住宿。



          365体育官网 is doing everything in its power to ensure that you have all the guidance and support you need to make an informed decision about the next stage in your education, helping you to identify the course and route that is right for you.

           We will continue to follow the latest guidance issued by the Office for Students (OfS) and other relevant bodies in relation to our applications and admissions during and following on from the COVID-19 crisis, ensuring that our institution’s position is clearly set out and we are communicating any necessary changes to our operations and courses transparently and openly.

          了解更多信息 新的学生和申请人.


          If you are one of our current or graduating students, don’t forget that we post regular updates to the My员工sUni app with the latest advice and guidance. You can also find details of support available to student parents, as well as advice on keeping well and staying connected, under the ‘Social Distancing’ tile. Remember to use your University IT login details to access the app. 

          If you are a current student and you would like to find out more about the planned changes for our 2020/21 courses, please visit the 当然改变瓷砖 在mystaffsuni应用。

          有关详细信息 目前学生和毕业生.

          If you are one of our current or graduating students, don’t forget that we post regular updates to the My员工sUni app with the latest advice and guidance. You can also find details of support available to student parents, as well as advice on keeping well and staying connected, under the ‘Social Distancing’ tile. Remember to use your University IT login details to access the app.


          At 365体育官网, we place students at the heart of everything we do, which is why we remain committed to providing support and services that enable you to enjoy the best possible experience while studying with us.

           To learn more about the support available from our Student Hub team and how we can help you, check out this video...

          更多信息 学生支持.


          Our staff are an essential part of our University community and we are immensely proud of how they have adjusted to these exceptional circumstances, offering a first-class experience for our students despite myriad challenges. Even so, we are aware that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused stress and anxiety for some members of our workforce, which is why we've put in place measures to ensure colleagues don't become isolated while working remotely.

          工作人员可以访问我们的 虹膜#staffshomeworking区 to access information and support. Remember, you still have your team around you – even while we’re working remotely – and we are here to offer you all the support you need during this period. Keep in touch with your colleagues via the 工作人员应用 and share your homeworking experiences on social media using #staffshomeworking.

          While the majority of our services remain operational – either virtually or in person – our transition to remote teaching and learning has resulted in an increase in email traffic, which could impact on email response times. Despite these unprecedented circumstances, our staff will endeavour to respond to emails at the earliest possible opportunity. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this period.


          If you are a student at 365体育官网伦敦 visit our 伦敦混合方法2020 page for more information surrounding support services, accommodation infromation and changes to your course.


          For the latest public guidance, advice and information on COVID-19 and current social distancing instructions in place across the UK, please refer to the below websites and resources:

          Please note that guidance may vary between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Please check all relevant regional guidance when travelling between the UK home nations.


          For further information about 365体育官网’s planning for the 2020/21 academic year, please download our full-length Corporate 风险评估 for COVID-19.


          The UK Government’s current messaging states that we can all help control the virus if we all stay alert. This means you must:

          • 留在家中尽可能的;
          • 如果你可以在家工作;
          • 限制与其他人接触;
          • keep your distance if you go out (at least 1 metre apart, and 2 metres apart where possible); and
          • 经常洗手

           Do not leave home if you or anyone in your household has symptoms.

           What to do if you have coronavirus symptoms

          Stay at home and follow the 自我封闭指导 if:

          • you have any symptoms of coronavirus (a high temperature, a new, continuous cough or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste);
          • you're waiting for a coronavirus test result;
          • you've tested positive for coronavirus – this means you have coronavirus;
          • you live with someone who has symptoms, is waiting for a test result or has tested positive; or
          • someone in your support bubble has symptoms, is waiting for a test result or has tested positive


          • do not go to work, school or public places – 如果你可以在家工作;
          • do not go on public transport or use taxis;
          • do not go out to get food and medicine – order it online or by phone, or ask someone to bring it to your home;
          • do not have visitors in your home, including friends and family – except for people providing essential care; and
          • do not go out to exercise – exercise at home or in your garden, if you have one

          详细 自我封闭指导 可以在NHS网站上找到。

          有独立的意见 if you're told by NHS Test and Trace that you've been in contact with a person with coronavirus.

          For information about self-isolating when you come to the UK, see GOV.UK: how to self-isolate when you travel to the UK

          To protect others, do not go to places like a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital. Stay at home and use the 111在线冠状服务 to find out what to do. Only call 111 if you cannot get help online.


          If you have any specific concerns not covered here, you can email covid-19@staffs.ac.uk or you can call the 新冠病毒 Helpline by calling 01782 298500 and your query will be directed to the most relevant person.

          传媒查询,请电邮 comms@staffs.ac.uk.

          This page was last updated on Thursday 30 July 2020 at 4.01pm. Please check back for the latest guidance.

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