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          Our main city campus is in 特伦特河畔斯托克. We also have two Centres of Excellence in Healthcare 教育, located in 斯塔福德 和 什鲁斯伯里.  




          Our 特伦特河畔斯托克校园 is within easy reach of the M6 motorway, A50 和 A34 if you’re travelling by car. 


          • 韭菜路站点:ST4 2DF
          • 学院路站点:ST4二维超声

          These postcodes will take you to our buildings but not directly to the site entrances. Please note they are for guidance only.


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          paybyphone.uk or call 0330 400 7275 and quote the location number printed on the car park sign. The first time you call, you will need a valid credit or debit card 和 your vehicle registration number.

          Pay-to-park tariffs – 特伦特河畔斯托克校园

           长达30分钟 自由
           长达两小时 £1.00 
           长达四小时  £3.00
           长达八小时  £6.00
           长达24小时  £12.00

          Each transaction is subject to a minimum service charge of 20p. For a VAT receipt and full details including terms 和 conditions, please visit www.paybyphone.co.uk.

          If you are unable to find a space on our 特伦特河畔斯托克校园, you can use the pay 和 display car park at Fenton Manor 运动s Centre.

          For details of parking arrangements at our Centres of Excellence in 斯塔福德 和 什鲁斯伯里, please contact parking@staffs.ac.uk.


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          您可以使用 国家铁路查询 计划你的火车车程。


          Both our 学院路 and Leek Road sites have excellent bus links with the city centre 和 wider area. The 旅行热线 site is useful for planning your bus journey.

          全国快递 coaches stop in front of the Beacon Building for direct travel to Birmingham, 曼彻斯特机场, Manchester and Scotl和. More services are available from Hanley bus station, just over a mile away.


          Being in the centre of the UK, we are within easy reach of a number of airports.

          曼彻斯特机场 is 50 minutes by car or 75 minutes by train. 东米德兰机场 是约55分钟车程。 伯明翰机场 is approximately 60 minutes away by car, as is 利物浦约翰·列侬机场

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